The Laws

Snowmobiling in PA

The Department of Conservation & Natural Resources’ Snowmobile & ATV Guide covers most everything you need to know to ride legally and safely in Pennsylvania. If you choose not to read the Snowmobile & ATV law in its entirety, please become familiar with the guide.

Private Land Trails

Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of private properly owners, and the diligence of Pennsylvania snowmobile clubs who negotiate access, maintain trails, and reinforce responsible riding --- Pennsylvania is blessed with many connections and nearly 2,500 miles of trail on private land.

Therefore, it is extremely important to us to see that riders respect this privilege, and PSSA is working (along with clubs, DCNR, and other organizations) to strengthen the laws that protect these property owners.

The Recreational Use of Land & Water Act (RULWA) of 1966 was passed to safeguard those people who share their property with others for recreational purposes. This handout may be a helpful piece when you talk with landowners along your trails.