Snowmobile Safety Classes

SAFETY CLASS REMINDER -- Clubs, Dealers Safety Instructors: Please schedule your Safety Class dates as soon as possible and send the information to the Keystone Snowmobiler for inclusion in our Master List of Snowmobile Safety Classes.

Please be sure to list:

  • County
  • PSSA Region
  • Date(s),
  • Times (start and end),
  • Location,
  • Sponsor(s),
  • Contact information,
  • Class size limits if applicable.

Thank you for your continued attention to this very important service to young (and older) snowmobilers.

Snowmobile safety is always a "top of mind awareness" issue with the snowmobile community. Most organizations hold snowmobile safety training programs throughout the year and all of them encourage responsible riding behavior. The Safe Riders!Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program  is a unique partnership among the associations, government administrators and the snowmobile manufacturers. The campaign features important position statements, which highlight the key areas of safe, responsible snowmobiling. An important part of the program is a special 22-minute DVD used by safety instructors as an adjunct to snowmobile safety training programs. Additional information on the Safe Riders!™ campaign can be obtained through the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association website:


Most classes are held in the fall. Be sure to keep an eye on this page as classes are scheduled over the summer. We will post informations as soon as clubs notify us of their scheduled classes.

York County
Region 5
Conway-Runkle Annex of Dubs Church, Hanover, PA
F&S Yamaha, SMC of Adams County, Pigeon Hills SMC
F&S Yamaha 717-632-6382

Limited to 40 students

Clinton County
Region 10
Hyner Mountain Snowmobile Club
Hyner Mountain Snowmobile Club
Dan Casey 570-875-3006
Limited to 30 students 

Lancaster County
Region 8
Akron Fire Company, Akron, PA
Hollinger's Sports 'N Turf & Dutch Trail Cutters SMC
Janet Auker 717-859-5455
Limited to 40 students